University of Barcelona

Actuarial and Financial Sciences (currently being replaced)

Final project

Different thematic lines are supplied through the Teaching departments that are involved in the masters program. There is a distinction made between those related to the Advanced or Applied specializations, or those that affect both specializations.

In order to enrol to the Final Project the students must have passed the 30 ECTS corresponding to the pre-requisite training and another 45 ECTS corresponding to the masters modules.

In addition to this requirements, students must have enrolled in the masters’ modules for them to be able to enrol in the Final Project ( the only module that does not require this previous enrolment is the Business Placement module for those joining the Applied specialization).


Enrolment can be done in either of both semesters.

For students who enrolled on the final project during the first semester the presentation will be the 21th of January 2022.

Final project defense planning for first semester.

For students who enrolled on the final project during the second semester the presentation will be hold on the 21th and 22th of June 2022.



Final project presentation normative.

Coordinator: Eva Boj.