Activities for future students

  • At the beginning of each academic year, the Faculty of Fine Arts organizes an exhibition called Sense Títol (or “Untitled”), which features the best final projects of bachelor’s degree students who have completed their studies in the previous July. The projects are on display for a week in the various exhibition spaces on the Faculty’s premises. Also invited to visit the exhibition are students in secondary school and compulsory secondary school, because this is a magnificent opportunity for them to learn about student work in our three bachelor’s degrees.
  • In 2015, the Faculty of Fine Arts signed a collaboration agreement with the Richi Foundation to take part in the Richi Talent project. The aim is to promote and support excellence among promising young people in secondary school who, in the future and in different fields of science, humanities and the arts, will play a crucial role in the social progress of the country.
  • The UB’s Service Learning Group (ApS UB), which draws on the participation of students and teaching staff in the Faculty of Fine Arts, organizes “The University Goes to School" project. Students give talks and workshops linked to training in Fine Arts in a variety of primary and secondary schools.

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