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The quality and tradition of teaching and training in medicine at the UB is a source of pride. For over a hundred years, this Faculty has trained many generations of excellent doctors his Faculty has trained many generations of excellent doctors, who have delivered and continue to deliver the best possible service to society. We have a long tradition of excellence, effort and dedication to teaching medicine and the medical profession. Our teaching programme has a strong practical component, including rotations and clinical practice for primary care and specialized care, in many primary care centres and hospitals affiliated to the Faculty, where the best professionals, who work there every day, interact with students and patients. Notwithstanding the relative importance of the different classifications of academic institutions, the position of the UB Faculty of Medicine has always been among the leaders of all medical faculties in Spain and the only one among the top five faculties of medicine in the world.

The Faculty also pursues an international vocation, and works following the concept of global health ("One world, one health"). Part of the academic hours are taught in English in all academic years. We also have a consolidated international exchange programme for the Faculty to connect to and exchange students and teachers with the best faculties of medicine in the EU and abroad.

However, the most important factor for us is the human one. The Bachelor's Degree in Medicine at the University of Barcelona welcomes and contributes to the training of educated, friendly, serious, entertaining, hardworking, honest, supportive students who are able to work as part of a team. All in all, students who embody the values of the medical profession, who will turn out to be excellent, committed and ethical professionals.

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