University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Research in Behaviour and Cognition


Curricular placements

The research practicum will be carried out on any of these topics, which correspond to research programs of the Master’s program lecturers that can be grouped into

- Behavioral Neuroscience
- Cognitive, Computational and Neuronal Function
- Development and Aging
- Emerging technologies and methods in behavioral sciences
- Personality and Individual differences
- Research in psychotherapy and clinical intervention
- Violence, crime and victimization

The research practicum will include the integration of the student in the elected group, and the students will collaborate on the research conducted by the group.


At the end of the research period, the professor responsible will issue a report about the activities conducted. At the discretion of the lecturer responsible for the work, the student may submit a report on the work conducted during this period. This report must include description of the specific activities carried out, critically thinking on pros and cons of the work done and the theoretical-bibliographic background, thus establishing links between theory and practice.


Research lines program