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Credit recognition

The credit recognition is regulated by the document "Normes per al reconeixement i per a la transferència de crèdits en els ensenyaments oficials de màster universitari de la Universitat de Barcelona"(in catalan).

According to this document:

"The credit recognition is the acceptance from the University of Barcelona of the formation or professional experience, and that is computed in the academic record from other degrees to the consecution of an official degree.

Training or professional experience that can be recognized

a) The credits obtained in official degrees took before, in the University of Barcelona or in other universities compute to the new official degrees, to obtain the new master.

The credits obtained in official degrees can be recognized by credits o the master degree, apart from final master thesis, taking into account the adecuation between competences and adquired knowledge.

b) Credits obtained in superior courses yielding to other degrees following the article 34.1 from the 6/2001 universities Law.

c) Professional experience, if it is related to the competences of the degree.

The limit of credits that can be recognized, on the bases of other degrees and professional experience (b and c) cannot be superior to the 15% of total credits of the master".