Research fields

  • Economic History
  • Transport Economics
  • Political Economy

Selected publications

  • Nogués-Marco, Pilar; Herranz-Loncán, Alfonso; and Aslanidis, Nektarios (forthcoming), The making of a national currency. Spatial transaction costs and money market integration in Spain (1825-1874), Journal of Economic History.
  • Herranz-Loncán, A. and Fourie, J. 2018. For the Public Benefit? Railways in the British Cape Colony, European Review of Economic History, 22(1): 73-100.
  • Herranz-Loncán, A. & Peres-Cajías, J.A. 2016. Tracing the reversal of fortune in the Americas. Bolivian GDP per capita since the mid nineteenth century. Cliometrica, 10 (1), 99-128.
  • Bignon, V.; Esteves, R. and Herranz-Loncán, A. 2015. Big Push or Big Grab? Railways, Government Activism and Export Growth in Latin America, 1865-1913. Economic History Review, 68 (4): 1277-1305.
  • Curto-Grau, M; Herranz-Loncán, A. and Solé-Ollé, A. 2012. Pork-barrel politics in semi-democracies: The Spanish «Parliamentary Roads» (1880-1914). Journal of Economic History, 72 (3): 771-796.