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  • Centre d'Estudis Australians i Transnacionals
    Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 585
  • 08007 Barcelona
    Telèfon: 93 4035686

CEAThe term "Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies" is used in the widest possible sense. The Centre is totally interdisciplinary in its structure and activities. The Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies welcomes working with researchers, students and academics in any field in Australia. The members also welcome collaboration with researchers in Australian Studies from around the world.




Democracy and Immigration: The Cases of Catalonia and Australia

30-31 May 2019

Call for Papers


"Theodore the Stoudite and the Stoudios Scriptorium in Ninth-Century Byzantium".

Conferència del professor Ken Parry,

(Senior Research Fellow, Macquarie University, Sidney)

Divendres dia 5 d'abril,

11h, a la Sala de reunions de grec

(Edifici Històric, primer pis, davant la Biblioteca de Lletres).


Work in-progress Seminar


10 de maig de 2019

Sala Gabriel Oliver, Edifici Josep Carner
16.00 - 18.00

Presenta: Óscar Ortega Montero




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