Lorem ipsumThe term "Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies" is used in the widest possible sense. The Centre is totally interdisciplinary in its structure and activities. The Centre for Australian and Transnational Studies welcomes working with researchers, students and academics in any field in Australia. The members also welcome collaboration with researchers in Australian Studies from around the world.











Australian poet  Peter Bakowski will read from his own work


Monday 22-10-2018

9.30-11am in room 107

Wednesday 24-10-2018

4.30-6.30pm in room 102b


In partnership with the International Academic Forum, IAFOR, (Japan)
















"Border tensions, cultural hybridity and the representation of Gibraltarian identity."M.G.Sanchez

Monday 22-10-2018

5.30 pm,

Room 3.1. Edifici Josep Carner

Organised by Isabel Alonso Breto



“People of the Border: A Forgotten Human History.”

Wednesday 24-10-2018

16h. a l’aula 1.6

dincs el marc del Master en Construcció i Representació d’Identitats Culturals



In partnership with the International Academic Forum, IAFOR, (Japan)


  El Volum Nº 21 ja ha sortit  




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