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El límit per poder anunciar en paper seminaris i conferències en els ascensors és el divendres a les 12 hores de la setmana anterior. Amb posterioritat a aquesta data el seminari o conferència quedarà només recollit al web de la Facultat. Aleshores la publicitació en paper serà responsabilitat dels organitzadors.

Facultat de Física, de Dilluns 15 de Gener de 2018 a Dilluns 29 de Gener de 2018, a les h

Curs de l'Institut de Ciències del Cosmos

Títol: Course on "Scientific Philosophy"
Conferenciant: Gustavo E. Romero (UNLP - CONICET)


6 Lectures: 15, 17, 19, 22, 24, 26 January 2018, 12:00h -13:30
Special Lecture: 29 January, 12:00h -13:30

Registration: free
For organizational purposes, please let us know your participation by registering at:

The course addresses the fundamental problems of scientific philosophy, that is, philosophy inspired by science. The approach is not historical but based on concrete problems and proposals for solutions to them. It will touch all major issues that matter to a scientist and that are relevant to improve the quality of your research. Among other issues, answers will be offered to such basic questions as: What is a natural law? What is a law statement? What is an event? What is probability? What is a scientific theory? How is science different from pseudoscience? What is vagueness and how to eliminate it? What is knowledge? What do we mean by understanding? What is a model and how does it differ from a theory? What is a value? What is the difference between ethics and morals? What should be the moral codes of a scientist? These and other similar questions are discussed from a modern point of view, which takes into account the latest developments in both philosophy and science. Abundant examples drawn from the physical sciences will be used. The course aims to complete the comprehensive training of scientists, teachers, and science disseminators who wish to better understand their activity.

Lloc: Sala de Graus (aulari). Facultat de Física

Facultat de Física, Divendres 26 de Gener de 2018, a les 12:00h

Seminari del Dep. de Física de la Matèria Condensada

Títol: Deformation and flow of disordered media: insights from particle-based simulations
Conferenciant: F. Puosi Université Grenoble Alpes

In the last decades the understanding of the deformation and flow of disordered matter has
greatly improved. The current physical picture is based on the idea of local shear transformations
that induce long-range elastic deformations in the system leading to complex correlations of the
yielding regions. Yet, the microscopic scenario from the very first stage of deformation up to the
onset of material failure is still an open issue.

Lloc: A320 Plante 3 Edifici nou

Facultat de Física, de Dijous 01 de Febrer de 2018 a Divendres 02 de Febrer de 2018, a les 09:30h

Workshop de l'Institut de Ciències del Cosmos

Títol: ICCUB Winter Meeting 2018

We continue with a new edition of the series of the ICCUB Winter Meeting, taking place this time in February 1st-2nd 2018. The idea of this meeting is to gather as many people as possible, and give the opportunity to young researchers working in the research areas of our Institute (Astrophysics, Particle Physics, Cosmology, Gravitation and Nuclear Physics) to present their work in a way as didactic and entertaining as possible.

A total of 24 speakers will be invited, students and postdocs, all ICCUB members and collaborators. The meeting also offers an opportunity to the participants with different interests to meet and discuss their research activities with other scientists working outside their speciality but within the broad scope of ICCUB study areas.

The workshop will be held at the Facultat de Física in the Universitat de Barcelona, sala Eduard Fontseré, on February 1st-2nd, 2018. The format will consist of 6 talks in the morning and 6 in the afternoon during the two days. Each talk will last about 25 minutes and there will be programmed coffee breaks in between to foster interaction. Speakers are asked to give their talk at a Physics graduate student level, and with a strong outreach tone.

Lloc: Sala de Graus Eduard Fontseré

Facultat de Física, Dilluns 05 de Febrer de 2018, a les 12:00h

Seminari del Dep. de Física de la Matèria Condensada

Títol: Deciphering the secrets of extremophile proteins: the case of acidophiles
Conferenciant: Dr. Francisco Duarte Olave

What could be the structural characteristics of the proteins that make contacts, fold and catalyze chemical reactions at extremely acidic pH?
In the present study, using bioinformatics tools, a web database could be generated, with predicted proteomes of 29 acidophilic organisms. Using extracellular prediction programs, the sub-proteomes associated with subcellular locations that would be in direct contact with the acid medium were taken. These predicted proteins were analyzed using some physicochemical parameters and compared statistically based on these descriptors to find significant differences. The results indicate characteristic amino acid compositions for acidophiles that could be defined as the fingerprint of acidophilia.
In parallel, we took some examples of acidophilic proteins that possessed an associated crystallographic structure in PDB or generated comparative models using the Modeller software. These structures were compared at the level of solvent accessible area, amino acid composition, hydrophobicity and number of internal interactions with orthologs operating at neutral and alkalinophilic pH. These analyzes allowed the construction of a pH stability model dependent on microbial proteins.

Lloc: Aula 320, Planta 3, Dep. de Física de la Matèria Condensada