Mikel Álvarez-Mozos

PhD in Statistics and Operations Research 2012, Universidad de Santiago de Compostela

mikel.alvarez@ub.eduPersonal webpage

Working Papers


Power indices and minimal winning coalitions for simple games in partition function form

Alonso-Meijide, J.M; Álvarez-Mozos, M.; Fiestras-Janeiro, M.G. (2017)

Group Decision and Negotiation, 26 (6), 1231-1245

On the externality free shapley-shubik index

Álvarez-Mozos, M.; Alonso-Meijide, J.M.; Fiestras-Janeiro, M.G. (2017)

Games and Economic Behavior, 105, September 148-154

Vertical syndication-proof competitive prices in multilateral assignment markets

Tejada O, Álvarez-Mozos M, (2016)

Review of Economic Design, 20 (4),  289-327

The a-serial cost sharing rule

Albizuri M. J, Álvarez-Mozos M (2016)

Central European Journal of Operations Research, 24 (1), 73-86

The Banzhaf value in the presence of externalities

Álvarez-Mozos M, Tejada O (2014)

Social Choice and Welfare, 44(4), 781-805

Share functions for cooperative games with levels structure of cooperation

Álvarez-Mozos M, van den Brink R, van der Laan G, Tejada O (2013)

European Journal of Operational Research, 224(1), 167-179

Spectrum Value for Coalitional Games

Álvarez-Mozos M, Hellman Z, Winter E (2013)

Games and Economic Behavior, 82, 132-142

Notes on a comment on 2-efficiency and the Banzhaf value

Alonso-Meijide J. M, Álvarez-Mozos M, Fiestras-Janeiro M. G (2012)

Applied Mathematics Letters, 25, 1098-1100

Two new power indices based on winning coalitions

Alonso-Meijide J. M, Ferreira F, Álvarez-Mozos M, Pinto A (2011)

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Parallel characterizations of a generalized Shapley value and a generalized Banzhaf value for cooperative games with levels structure of cooperation

Álvarez-Mozos M, Tejada O (2011)

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Values of games with graph restricted communication and a priori unions

Alonso-Meijide J. M, Álvarez-Mozos M, Fiestras-Janeiro M. G (2009)

Mathematical Social Sciences, 58, 202-213