Research Areas

Our Faculty of Economics and Business is home to 10,000 students and 400 full time lecturers and researchers publishing about 400 scientific articles a year. A leading centre for teaching and research that forms part of an internationally important hub of economics research in the Barcelona area.

Research at the UB School of Economics is organized into three main research areas and twenty-four research fields.

The Growth, Trade and Spatial Economics research area is concerned with studying the determinants of growth and economic development at both the macroeconomic and regional levels. It therefore addresses a broad spectrum of issues ranging from classic topics such as unemployment and economic growth to the analysis of financial and trade linkages between countries (globalization). One particular focus of this research area will be to frame these questions in a historical perspective, taking into account regional and geographical differences.

The research fields included in this area are:

  • Development Economics
  • Economic Growth
  • Economic History
  • International Finance
  • International Trade
  • Macroeconomics
  • Regional Economics
  • Urban Economics
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The Public Economics and Policy Analysis research area focuses on the study and design of public policies and institutions aimed at improving efficiency and social welfare. This research area builds on the well-established research strength of the UB in the fields of public economics, particularly fiscal federalism, transport economics and market regulation. It also harnesses synergies in the fields of health, education, and labour economics to inform and design public policies.

The research fields included in this area are:

  • Public Economics
  • Political Economy
  • Regulation Economics
  • Transport Economics
  • Labour & Demographic Economics
  • Health Economics
  • Economics of Education
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
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The Behaviour, Games and Risk area is concerned with analysing individual decision-making and group conduct. This area covers the study of strategic behaviour, competition and cooperation between economic agents, and the analysis and evaluation of risk in finance and insurance. It builds on the well-established strength of UB researchers in the fields of game theory and risk and insurance.

The research fields included in this area are:

  • Game Theory
  • Industrial Organization
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Operations Research
  • Financial Econometrics
  • Risk and Insurance
  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  • Microeconomics
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Working Papers

The UB School of Economics researchers make contribution to five different series of Working Papers. All our working papers are available online and downloadable in PDF format. These research documents contain preliminary findings which we publish in order to stimulate debate and discussion, as well as contribute to the spread of knowledge.


We invite submission from all members of the UB School of Economics. To be included within the UB Economics series, please follow these instructions.

Since 2013, this series gives continuity to the ERE Working Papers of the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Barcelona, which were created in 2001.

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The aim of this series is to present the work in progress of the members of the Regional Quantitative Analysis Group (AQR), who conduct research in the field of applied economics and focus on urban and regional issues.

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This series aims to disseminate research output from the Institute for Research on Applied Regional and Public Economics (IREA), which brings together researchers from the AQR, GiM and Riskcenter research groups.

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This series contains working papers on applied economics produced by members of the Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB), which contribute to the debate and the decision-making process in Economic Policy.

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This series was been established by the Riskcenter research group to provide a forum for ideas on risk management, insurance and finance, including contributions in fraud in insurance, longevity, long-term care, pricing and interest rate structure.

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Research outputs produced by authors at the UB School of Economics from journal articles to book chapters and books are showcased in various platforms.

The FUTUR UB portal gathers information on the scientific activity of the active teaching and research staff from the University of Barcelona. The objective of this portal is to disseminate the research activities carried out at the University of Barcelona with greater visibility, as well as that of its researchers.

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The portal’s goal is to display and disseminate from a single place the research activity that is carried out in Catalonia in regard to researchers, publications, groups and research projects for the international scientific community, companies, financial organizations and public in general, thus making open access to scientific output easy.

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