Concepció Patxot

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Working Papers


Contribution of demography to economic growth

Sánchez-Romero, M.; Abio, G.; Patxot, C.; Souto, G. (2017)

Series-Journal Of The Spanish Economic Association

Intergenerational Transfers in Spain: The Role of Education

Abio, G.; Patxot, C.; Renteria, E.; Souto, G. (2017)

Hacienda Pública Española

The welfare state and demographic dividends

Abio, G.; Patxot. C.; Sánchez-Romero, M.; Souto, G. (2017)

Demographic Research, 36 (48), 1453-1490

The effect of education on the demographic dividend

E. Rentería; G. Souto; I. Mejía-Guevara; C. Patxot (2016)

Population and Development Review, 42 (4), 651-671

Intergenerational transfers of time and money in Spain: who are the actual dependents?

Rentería E, Scandurra R I, Souto G, Patxot C (2016)

Demographic Research, 34 (24), 689-704

Cyclically Neutral Generational Accouting

Bonin H, Patxot C,  Souto G (2014)

Fiscal Studies, 35(2), 117-137

On the Effects of Public and Private Transfers on Capital Accumulation: Some Lessons from the NTA Aggregates

Sánchez-Romero M, Patxot C, Rentería E, Souto G (2013)

Journal of Population Economics, 26, 1409-1430

Heterogeneous discounting in economic problems

Marín-Solano J, Patxot C (2012)

Optimal Control Applications and Methods, 33, 32-50

Measuring the balance of government intervention on forward and backward family transfers using NTA estimates: the modified Lee arrows

Patxot C, Rentería E, Sánchez Romero M, Souto G (2012)

International Tax and Public Finance, 19(3), 442-461

Integrated Results for GA and NTA for Spain: Some Implications for the Sustainability of Welfare State?

Patxot C, Rentería E, Romero M, Souto G (2011)

Moneda y Crédito, 23, 7-51

PhD Students

Tania Fernández-Navia

MSc in Economics at Universitat de Barcelona |

Concepció PatxotLídia Farre

Labour & Demographic EconomicsPublic Economics and Policy Analysis

Niclas Poitiers

MSc in Economics at University of Bonn | Personal webpage

The Impact of Wage Premiums on Educational Attainment and Social Mobility

Concepció PatxotXavier Raurich

Economic GrowthEconomics of EducationExcloure PhD StudentGrowth, Trade and Spatial EconomicsJob Market CandidatesLabour & Demographic EconomicsMacroeconomicsPublic Economics and Policy Analysis

Giorgos Papadomichelakis

MSc in Specialized Economic Analysis at Barcelona Graduate School of Economics / MPhil in Economics at European University Institute |

Concepció PatxotFrancesc Dilmé

Behaviour, Games and RiskGame TheoryMicroeconomicsPublic EconomicsPublic Economics and Policy Analysis

Gianko Michailidis

MSc in Economics at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam | Personal webpage

Do pensions foster education? An empirical perspective

Concepció PatxotGemma Abio

Excloure PhD StudentGrowth, Trade and Spatial EconomicsJob Market CandidatesLabour & Demographic EconomicsMacroeconomicsPolitical EconomyPublic EconomicsPublic Economics and Policy Analysis