Carreras Profesionales collaborates with a large number of companies to ensure correct and quality professional development for all students of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

Talent detection activities:
Carreras Profesionales offers companies the opportunity to organize workshops and activities at the Faculty, an ideal place to identify student profiles and publicize the operation of your company. The professional career activities scheduled for this academic year are:

  1. Professional skills development workshops: communication skills, personal branding, interview workshops, assessment center, selection process, case studies and other technical skills.
  2. Labor Market and Internships: colloquia and round tables by functional areas in which representatives of different entities participate.
  3. Social and Entrepreneur Forum.
  4. Days of fast interviews or speed networking.
  5. Employment Forum.

If you are interested in organizing or participating in any of these activities contact us by email or  phone at 934037152

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