Frequently Asked Questions

What steps do I need to take to find and track internships?

What is GIPE?

  • GIPE is the manager of external internships (offers, agreements, internships), both curricular and extracurricular, in order to access the manager you must be registered and active.

What is GAEF?

  • GAEF is the APP of the evaluation monitoring (student, entity tutor and academic tutor).

Internship and enrollment processing periods for the 2023-2024 academic year

What are the requirements to be able to do an internship?

• Have active enrollment of the current academic year of a teaching at the Faculty of Economics and Business of the University of Barcelona. That is, not having it automatically canceled due to non-payment; having closed the file, not having requested the title; etc.
In the case of degrees: at the time of requesting the practice, you must have passed a minimum of 120 credits of the teaching to which you want to link

In the case of the master, postgraduate or doctorate, it is necessary to have an authorization from the coordinator of the teaching, which gives the go-ahead for the practicals.

To update my data (e-mail etc)?

To update telephone or email data, log in to your file (from the secretary’s office) and at the same time communicate it by email to prà to update your data to GIPE.

What are the curricular practices? How do I register them?


Calendari de Pràctiques Externes matriculació 2020-2021

The last day to enroll in the curricular practices in the 2020-2021 academic year will be June 18, 2021

What are curricular practices?
They are optional subjects included in the study plan of a teaching that allow, therefore, the obtaining of credits.
The objective of the curricular practices is to complement the knowledge acquired during academic training, therefore it is important that the tasks that the student must develop are related to their teaching.
Once you have found a company, you have to inform the Professional Careers Office if you want them with this documentNRA_Matriculació Pràctiques Curricular.

How do I register them?

• GRADE student: Afterwards, once the academic tutor has been assigned, you must download a copy of the training project from GIPE and sign it digitally. You must obtain the original signature and seal of the entity (digitally), and you must send it to the email of of the Office of Professional Careers. You have to download the Curricular Practices Enrollment document. As well as: the Company Certificate Certificat-empresa_activació-practiques-pausades.pdf  and the student’s declaration Declaració-estudiant_activació_practiques-pausades.pdf(digital signature).

• Master’s degree student: Check with your Master’s coordinator.

What are extracurricular practices?

They are academic activities not included in the curriculum of a teaching, which aim to promote professional development and job placement for students.
This activity can be consigned in the European supplement to the title (SET) if it meets the requirements established in the corresponding regulations. Once you have found a company, you have to inform the Professional Careers Office if you want them Extracurricular with this document.

If I am a graduate student, how do I have to enroll in the curricular practices?

At the beginning of each course, the call for external internships is opened through the GIPE program, and once the process is progressing from the management and assigned the tutor / the students will communicate if the internship will be Curricular, and they must register before to start the practice.

What is an agreement?

The AGREEMENT is the agreement signed by the Faculty and the entity that welcomes the internship student. It is valid for one academic year.

What is a training project?

The training project is the student’s individual document, which is linked to the agreement that the entity has with the faculty, in which the contents and characteristics that make up the internship work plan to be developed during their stay at the organization or company are specified. . In order to start the internship, it is necessary that the student himself has delivered the training project with the signature (digital) and company stamp by email before the agreed start date of the project in the Professional Careers office. formative. In case the student takes it or sends it afterwards, it will not be accepted and it will be necessary to modify the start date and start the signing process.

What is the company certificate?

It is the certificate by which the company declares that it complies with the risk prevention requirements as a result of a health alarm situation and that it has a contingency plan.

What is the student statement?

It is the statement by which the student is informed of the situation of the company and is aware of the occupational risks in the event of a health alarm situation and is aware of the company’s contingency plan.

How can I digitally sign the training project through SignaSuite UB?

The UB student can sign through the SignaSuite UB (with NIUB card), which is a web application that allows signing pdf and xml documents, selecting a specific file, with a maximum size of 7MB in total, with all the guarantees both legal and technical established by the current regulations of the Catalan Public Administrations. For more information:


How long can the degree internships last? And in the case of master's and doctoral internships?

Undergraduate students
If you are a student of the Faculty of Economics and Business, you can do an internship during the entire academic year (between September 15 and the following September 14), as long as your enrollment is valid.

Regardless of the type of internship, throughout your study you can do a maximum of 1,350 hours of internship at the same company or institution.

For Master’s and Doctorate students.
In general, it is necessary for the coordinator to authorize each practice and specify whether it should be curricular or extracurricular.
• Curricula (only in the case of some official master’s degrees): the minimum hours per training project is established by each teaching, a maximum of 450h.
• Extracurricular (any education): maximum 900h, divided into different training projects of maximum 450h.
• Maximum 1,350h of internships in the same entity (between curricular and extracurricular).
• All internships will be carried out within the academic year in which you are enrolled (generally from September 15 to September 14, depending on the school insurance contracted), as long as the student has not closed before the title (requested to issue the title)

How many hours a day can I do?

You can do a maximum of 6 hours a day and at a time compatible with the classes of the rest of the enrolled subjects. Check your CHRONOS.
In an extraordinary way you can practice up to a maximum of 8 hours a day:
• If you lack 12 credits to finish teaching (excluding the credits of the Final Degree Project and a practical course).
• If you do them during the non-school period according to the academic calendar of the Faculty: vacations and exam period.
• If you are a master’s student, you can do more than 6 hours a day if it is explicitly authorized by the corresponding academic coordinator.

Can I do international internships?

Yes. All undergraduate, master, postgraduate or doctoral students can do international internships, as long as they have active enrollment for the current academic year (not canceled due to non-payment, not having requested the issuance of the title).
International internships can be both curricular and extracurricular, depending on the teaching and are processed and evaluated in the same way as national internships.
To be able to do international internships, the student must previously contract specific insurance.
International internships, like national ones, must be requested through GIPE by the host entity.
When setting the starting date, the student practice circuit 2020.pdf must be taken into account, until the student personally brings the three originals of the training project to Professional Careers, before the agreed start date. In the event that the student takes it a posteriori, it will not be accepted and the start date will have to be modified and the signing and enrollment process will begin.
Another type of international internship is the “Erasmus + Internship”, about which you can request information about scholarships, opportunities and periods at the Office of International Relations of the Faculty: internacional

If I am an exchange student from another university, can I also do an internship?

Yes, students from other national or foreign universities who are studying at the Faculty can do internships under the same conditions as the rest of the students

Where can I find internships?

GIPE is the official platform of the UB and through which we daily publish new internship offers for the students of our Faculty.
• Through specialized websites, LinkedIn, etc.
• Going directly to the website of the company where you would like to do the internship.
In any case, once the internship has been agreed, the host entity must request your internship through GIPE 

Once the internships are found, how do we start the process for their processing?

Undergraduate student
• The Entity must request your internship from GIPE.
• Provide our address in the entity in case you have any questions:
• The GRADE student must send us the following scanned documents:
o Communication of type of practice
o PDF of the CHRONOS of the subjects and groups to which you are enrolled.

The MASTER, POSTGRADUATE OR DOCTORATE student must send us the following scanned documents:
• Authorization of the teaching coordinator to be able to do internships, where it is specified if they should be curricular or extracurricular.
• Current course enrollment
• Insurance: it can be hired at registration or, if not, ask us for the link to be able to contract it and, later, send us the receipt of coverage.
• In the case of foreign students, a photocopy of the valid personal identification document.

Once the entity has already requested the training project, what else do I have to do before starting the internship?

• Once the company has sent us the internship request via GIPE and the student has provided us with the required documentation, from Professional Careers we will proceed to validate the training project.
• As soon as the academic and company tutors are assigned in GIPE, you can download the copies of the training project and sign it digitally (Signa Suite UB). It will be necessary to obtain the signature and company stamp and the student’s signature, all original (digital signature).
• The student must send the original signed training project to Careers BEFORE THE START DATE specified in the document. In case the student takes it a posteriori, it will not be accepted and it will be necessary to modify the start date and start the signing process.
• In the case of undergraduate curricular practices, the student must also have completed the registration document for curricular practices. Enrollment will proceed.

Can I modify or rescinde the practices?

An agreement or a training project that is already listed Active in GIPE cannot be modified or terminated early.

An agreement can only be terminated early in the event of duly justified force majeure. To process it, you must contact prior to the effective date.

Therefore, it is essential that all parties carefully read the entire content of the training project before signing it.

Is there a minimum financial aid for the student?

The internship agreement provides for the possibility of contribution, by the company or organization, of an amount for the student as a bag or study aid. The average economic contribution that companies pay to the students of the Faculty is € 5 / h. Minimum 3€/h is required .

Financial aid IS NOT A SALARY.

Doing an internship do I contribute to Social Security?

Students who do internships with economic consideration must be registered with Social Security and pay the corresponding contributions.

Paid external curricular internships can have a 100% subsidy for Social Security contributions depending on the case, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree Law 8/2014, of July 4 (BOE of July 5, IV, chapter I , section 2).

Is the remuneration for internships taxed for personal income tax?

The economic remuneration to the student for external internships is as a scholarship or study aid. Despite this, the Tax Agency understands this remuneration as income from work and, therefore, subject to withholding according to the criteria established in the tax regulations

Do I need insurance to do an internship?

To do an internship, it is essential to have an insurance that guarantees medical, accident, civil liability and repatriation coverage.
Official education students under the age of 28 take out “compulsory insurance” at the time of enrollment for each academic year, which already has these covers.
Students over 28 years of age and students from the Faculty’s own courses can take out “voluntary insurance” at the time of enrollment or later take out this link:

How are curricular internship evaluated?

All the Curricular practices are evaluated through the evaluation APP (GAEF)
During the curricular practices, the student must carry out a series of tutorials and meetings with the UB’s assigned tutor. In addition, you have to do a virtual monitoring that consists of three phases:
• Initial phase: answer a questionnaire during the first five weeks of internships (Required)
• Follow-up phase: answer a second questionnaire in the middle of the internship period (Mandatory).
• Final phase: submit the report to the academic tutor, a maximum of one month after finishing the practices, it will be delivered through the tutor’s virtual campus (mandatory).
At the same time, the academic tutor and the entity’s tutor must answer their respective questionnaires for monitoring and developing the practice in the same application.
Documentation you should read:
• Teaching plan of the enrolled subject

How are extracurricular internships evaluated?

All Extracurricular internship are evaluated through the APP of evaluation (GAEF) 

Extracurricular Internship Evaluation Process

During the internship period, the student must fill out an evaluation questionnaire before finishing and deliver the memory or final report of the internships no later than one month after completion.

• Initial phase: answer a questionnaire during the first five weeks of practice (Required)
• Final phase: deliver the memory or final report to the academic author, a maximum of one month after finishing the practices, it will be delivered through the virtual campus of the tutor.
At the same time, the academic tutor and the entity tutor must answer their respective questionnaires for monitoring and developing the practice in the same application.

Documentation you should read:
• Teaching plan for extracurricular practices

What information do I have to know in case of an emergency situation (Covid 19 etc.)?

It is important that you are in contact with the Office of Careers Professionals to report your situation in case of emergency of the status of your practice, modification, termination or paused.
More information: