Improve your employability with career activities!

What do we offer you?

  • Professional workshops. Group sessions aimed at students to develop your professional skills and improve the curriculum.
  • Colloquia with organizations. Large companies from different sectors come to the Faculty to explain what their job is and how students can access internships or job offers in different work areas. It is a dynamic session where you can also resolve doubts.
  • Company on campus. Important entities offer in the Faculty to select students! It is an opportunity to contact employers directly, introduce yourself and give them a resume. Throughout the morning, companies remain in the central corridor of building 690, providing information and conducting quick interviews with students.
  • CV Clinic. The resume is your cover letter to the world of work and the first impression that companies will have of you. It is important that it is well structured and that you maximize your skills and knowledge. To help you achieve this, we organize resume reviews. It is essential that you present the CV according to the template that you will find in the Virtual Campus of Professional Careers.
    Social and Entrepreneur Forum. Event in which social economy entities offer on Campus to make themselves known and offer volunteering to students.
  • Speed ​​networking days. Once a year we organize a speed networking session aimed at third and fourth year undergraduate students. It’s about doing quick interviews with different companies looking for students to do internships and to incorporate their graduate program.
  • Employment Forum. It is the most important occupational event of the Faculty. It is a meeting place between students of the Faculty and the entities, with the aim of promoting knowledge between each other, and promoting the detection of talent

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