The Group Research of Moral Education GREM was founded in 1988 around the teaching of the subject “Moral Education” and various research projects on moral education, values education and school. Our first groups work: Ètica i Escola: el tractament pedagògic de la diferència (School and Ethics: the pedagogical treatment of the difference), published by Editions 62, was awarded the Rosa Sensat of Education in 1989.

Since 1996 it is a consolidated research group and recognized as a quality group by the Generalitat de Catalunya.

Currently, it is formed by twenty professors of the UB and other universities and research scholars that are doing their doctoral theses in the group.

The GREM has developed and develops research projects, educational materials, reports, studies and assessments, postgraduate training, masters and doctorates, and continuing training in the following main lines of work: moral education, service learning, ethical learning and higher education; participation, education and building citizenship; family education and values; women and social inclusion and aesthetic foundations and politicians, among others.

GREM collaborates with various educational and research institutions and is part of several international networks.

Main activities


Because of the research group, from 1988 to the present, 40 doctoral theses have been read.


The group has been promoter and has coordinated various doctoral programs on issues related to moral education, values education and democracy at the University of Barcelona. Currently, it is participating in the Education and Society Program at the Faculty of Education.

GREM has also been involved in promoting and coordinating and teaching the Master Values Education and Citizenship at the University of Barcelona.

Members of the group teach the subject related to Axiology and Values education, Moral Education, Ethics and Educational profession in the different degrees of the Faculty of Education at the University of Barcelona.

Knowledge Transfer

The group has been the producer of educational materials in digital and audio-visual support for the teacher training and classroom in values education.

Group members have been promoters and have coordinated teacher-training programs in values education in the Values Education program PEVA of ICE, of the University of Barcelona, addressed to teachers of different educational levels in Catalonia.

They have also participated and coordinated online editions of these programs, which between 2000-2008 participated more than seven hundred teachers from different Latin American countries.


  • Educational institutions and professionals in the formal and non-formal education.
  • Institutions and enterprises of educational materials and media.
  • Universities and university professors.
  • Organizations and government policy related to education and development of educational programs, professional training and education of mothers and fathers.
  • Students of all levels and the public interested in the world of ethical values.