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Catalina Mir Jaume

Universitat de Barcelona
Dept. Llengües i Literatures Modernes i d'Estudis Anglesos

FPU predoctoral researcher

Catalina Mir Jaume is a PhD candidate at ADHUC–Research Center for Theory, Gender, Sexuality. She graduated in Journalism and Humanities from Universitat Pompeu Fabra, with an MA in Advanced Studies in Catalan Language and Literature at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and at Universitat de Barcelona. Her PhD dissertation, supervised by Dr. Elena Losada Soler and Dr. Margalida Pons Jaume, studies the work by Catalan female writers of crime fiction at the end of the 20th century. She collaborates with the research group “Contemporary literature: theoretical and comparative studies” (LiCETC).

Text reported by the researcher

ADHUC—Centre de Recerca Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral researcher (15/10/2018 - )

Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral researcher (15/10/2018 - )


15/10/2018 - FPU, Beca para la formación de profesorado universitario, MINECO

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