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Fina Birulés Bertran

Universitat de Barcelona
Dept. de Filosofia

Honorary Researcher

Fina BIRULÉS is professor of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona and researcher at ADHUC—Center for Theory, Gender, Sexuality. Her research lines are articulated around two focus: political subjectivity, history and action, and questions of feminist theory and the study of feminine philosophical production —with special attention to the work of Hannah Arendt and other women philosophers of the 20th century— , activity that she develops within the framework of the Filosofia i Gènere Seminar since its foundation in 1990. She has translated several works of contemporary philosophy, author of numerous essays and editor of collective volumes on the thoughts of Hannah Arendt and other contemporary female thinkers, such as Filosofía y género, El género de la memoria, Hannah Arendt, el orgullo de pensar, Pensadoras del Siglo XX and Lectoras de Simone Weil —the last two with Rosa Rius Gatell— Arendt, Hannah, Más allá de la filosofía. Escritos sobre cultura, arte y literatura —co-authored with Àngela Lorena Fuster. Among her publications stand Una herencia sin testamento: Hannah Arendt (2007) and Entreactes. Entorn del pensament, la política i el feminisme (2014), translated into Spanish by the Argentine publisher Katz (2016).

Research Areas

contemporary philosophy; feminist theory, Hannah Arendt; female philosophical thought

Text reported by the researcher

ADHUC—Centre de Recerca Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat: investigadora / researcher (16/06/2016 -)

Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures: investigadora / researcher (2003 -)

Seminari Filosofia i Gènere, Universitat de Barcelona: cofundadora, investigadora / co-founder, researcher