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María Inmaculada Naranjo Ruiz

Universidad de Sevilla
Departamento de Literatura Española e Hispanoamericana

FPU predoctoral researcher

María I. Naranjo Ruiz is a predoctoral researcher at ADHUC—Research Center for Theory, Gender, Sexuality. Graduated in Hispanic Philology (US, 2018), with a Master's Degree in Linguistic, Literary and Cultural Studies (US, 2020), she studies the representations of female homosexuality and homoeroticism in popular erotic novel collections originated at the beginning of the 20th century in Spain. Her doctoral research, supervised by Dr. Isabel Clúa Ginés (US), also seeks to delimit the role of the female reader and the female writer in these collections, aspects hidden by the academic tradition.

Text reported by the researcher

ADHUC—Centre de Recerca Teoria, Gènere, Sexualitat: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral researcher (01/11/2020-)

Càtedra UNESCO Dones, desenvolupament i cultures: investigadora predoctoral / predoctoral researcher (01/10/2019 -)


01/11/2020 -  FPU, Beca para la formación de profesorado universitario, MINECO

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