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University Expert in LGBTIQ+ Cultural Studies and Teaching

University Extension Course

CURS 19 octubre 2021 a 12 juny 2022

Universitat de Lleida

The application and enrolment period for "University Expert in LGBTIQ+ Cultural Studies and Teaching" course at the University of Lleida is now open. This course is coordinated by Rafael M. Mérida Jiménez (ADHUC-Universitat de Lleida) and Jorge Luis Peralta (ADHUC).


LGBTIQ+ Studies is an interdisciplinary area of knowledge with over half a century of intellectual history. It has reached an outstanding level of development in international universities. These studies are the result of a great many researchers' personal committment and scientific research developed in parallel to their collective struggle to attain the rights many have been deprived of. This course offers an introduction to the history of LGBTIQ+ Studies through a number of readings and the analysis of founding texts which will serve to then delve into two complimentary paths: the first, around artistic, literary and filmic creation, and the second, about social work and teaching praxis, particularly within the humanities and the arts. 


This course will be taught by more than twenty experts with differnt backgrounds as university professors, creators and professionals, and it will cover issues of undeniable interest and relevance, thus adding to the registered students' personal, academic and professional experience, particularly for those working in education (both secondary and higher) and within the sociocultural sphere, as well as for anyone interested in developing their knowledge in issues of gender. This course will be taught, among others, by Marta Segarra (LEGS-CNRS and ADHUC-Universitat de Barcelona); Estrella Díaz (ADHUC); Lucas Platero and Meri Torras (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona); Gracia Trujillo and Carmen Romero Bachiller (Universidad Complutense de Madrid); Alberto Mira (Oxford Brookes University); and Javier Sáez (traductor). The fact that some of them live in countries such as Argentina, France, the United Kingdom or Mexico, among others, implies a level of internacionalization granted by online teaching. 




  • Teaching Mode: Online
  • Language Used: Spanish
  • Application and Enrolment: February 22, 2021 through October 15, 2021
  • Course: October 19, 2021 through June 12, 2022
  • Fee:  € 795.00


Image: (c) Ricardo Sánchez López 
Rafael Manuel Mérida Jiménez,
Jorge Luis Peralta
Centre de Formació Contínua UdL