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FEMINISMES!, exhibition curated by Marta Segarra and Gabriele Schor

Activity with the CCCB

19/07/2019 - 5/01/2020

FEMINISMES! brings together the exhibitions «L’Avantguarda Feminista dels anys 70. Obres de la VERBUND COLLECTION, Viena» and «Coreografies del gènere», as well as an extensive program of activities that aim to highlight the role of dialogue, and the continuities and ruptures between the radical feminism of the 70s and contemporary feminisms.

"L'Avantguarda Feminista dels anys 70" emphasizes how feminist art, in the seventies, rewrote the canon of art history. “Coreografies del genere”, curated by Marta Segarra, includes the multiciplicity of current artistic feminisms, with four thematic sections devoted to the deconstruction of gender bias, non-normative sexualities, decolonization of feminism, and ecofeminism and posthumanity, with the work by artists such as Luna Coderch, Lucia Egaña, Daniela Ortiz, Mireia Sallarès, and Eulàlia Valldosera.

The tour is completed by a space that presents historical documentation and a section on comics and feminism, curated by Marika Vila.