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Masculinities and Sexual Diversity in Mexico


The volume Entre lo joto y lo macho: Masculinidades sexodiversas mexicanas (Egales, 2019), edited by Humberto Guerra and Rafael M. Mérida Jiménez, has been published. This book explores the phenomenon of “jotisms” in narrative, drama, and autobiography published in Mexico during the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It also analyzes other phenomena that allow us to observe the confluence between dissidence and integration in affective relationships between men unconcerned with identity labels, legislation in favor of sexual differences, and the importance of resilience in times of health emergencies. César Cañedo, Guillermo M. Corral, Raúl García, Humberto Guerra, Mauricio List, Juan Martínez Gil, Roberto Mendoza, Hugo Salcedo and Luis Martín Ulloa have participated in this publication.