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"Palabras clave. Reflexiones para Fina Birulés" Is Now Out

Fina Birulés

The book Palabras clave: Reflexiones para Fina Birulés, edited by À. Lorena Fuster (Seminari Filosofia i Gènere—ADHUC), Mujeres y Culturas, Icaria Editorial, is now out. This volume includes thoughts in the form of a passionate dialogue on key concepts in the philosopher's work, concluding with a conversation with Birulés herself.

Fina Birulés (Seminari Filosofia i Gènere—ADHUC) is one of the most prominent and original names in contemporary philosophic and feminist thought. By means of her unique, inspiring, and precise style, Birulés has investigated throughout her career on issues related to the specificity of the politic – understood as a space of liberty and responsibility –, the contemporary constitution of subjectivity or the problematic relationship between our present and our past, or with history in general. Birulés' reflections on these and other ideas have made women's experiences and theoretic feminist production central. Her methodology is based on a gaze attentive to the fragment and the trace in an attempt to restore the richness and novelty behind her intellectual gestures.

This book has been conceived as a glossary of key words that constitute the conceptual map that outlines Fina Birulés' career, rewritten by some of the thinkers that have maintained a dialogue with her throughout these years. Yet, this volume is, above all, an artefact that aims to express gratitude to Birulés for her presence, created jointly by international thinkers so that we can still continue the work of thinking together about a world which, Birulés warns us, might become alien if we do not put it into words, and confusing if we do not examine the meanings we give to them.