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Elena Losada and Dolors Molas in UB Debates: Feminism(s)

Debats UB: Feminisme(s)
Sessió virtual
Dimarts 27 octubre 2020 a les 17h

ADHUC Researchers Elena Losada and Dolors Molas (Universitat de Barcelona), will participate in the session "Violència contra les dones" together with Paz Francés, criminal lawyer and criminologist at the Universidad Pública de Navarra. This new session of "UB Debates: Feminism(s)" will be chaired by journalist Maika Navarro. Elena Losada is specialized in the criminal novel written by women. She has directed two research projects, published works, and developed the data base MUNCE on the field of criminal literature by female authors in Spain. Dolors Molas, expert in violence against women in different historical periods, has also published monographs and currently coordinates the annual conference Tàcita Muta—ADHUC on violence and all its different aspects.

UB Debates: Feminism(s) is a series of seminars organized by the vice-chancellorship of the Universitat de Barcelona. Virtual session on YouTube UB and UBtv