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"Fils", by Marta Segarra and Ingrid Guardiola Is Now Out


Fils: Cartes sobre el confinament, la vigilància i l'anormalitat, by Marta Segarra (LEGS-CRNS & ADHUC) and Ingrid Guardiola (Universitat de Girona) is now available. Toward the end of 2019, Segarra and Guardiola started a letter exchange as a result of a TV show project. After this first contact, they continued to email each other. This revealed many common interests and, above all, great complicity when it comes to observing and reflecting upon their world and the things around them.

Love, illness, rules, care, gender issues, the public, anomaly, intimacy, privacy, the pandemic, social networks, interdependency… these are but a few of the topics covered in the letters gathered in this collection. Fils [threads] is the interweaving of thought, stretches and crisscrosses in a profound essay on life with two voices.