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"Amando e Cantando": a documentary about the research done by Elena Laurenzi on "Le Constantine"

Amando e Cantando

The research carried out by Elena Laurenzi (Seminari Filosofia i Gènere-ADHUC, Università del Salento) on "Le Constantine" is the starting point of the documentary Amando e Cantando (2021). Knitting is an ancient tradition in the Mediterranean, but in Casamassella, Salento (Italy), there is a place where this art has become a metaphor for freedom, emancipation and poetry. This place is called "Le Costantine", the headquarters of a foundation where the utopia of public happiness through work has become a reality. This documentary is a result of the research project "Live archive. The memory of the De Viti de Marco-Starace women as a resource for the territory" (UNISAL688).