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"De por qué es necesario un feminismo descolonial": monograph by Yuderkys Espinosa with a prologue by Mayra Santos-Febres


The collection "Mujeres y Culturas" publishes De por qué es necesario un feminismo descolonial (Icaria, 2022), a new compilation of the essays by Yuderkys Espinosa Miñoso, pivotal author of the decolonial turn and director of the Instituto Caribeño de Pensamiento e Investigación Descolonial (INCAPID). Espinosa Miñoso's radical critique of Western feminism reveals its complicity with modernity. “The coloniality of Eurocentric feminist Reason” is the concept that Espinosa proposes to enable a field of critical research for the new generations of feminists who are racialized and/or committed to the subaltern. The book offers a "genealogy of experience", the method that Espinosa presents to unveil the coloniality of feminism. The essay is introduced by a prologue by Mayra Santos-Febres, a writer and researcher at the Universidad de Puerto Rico.


The collection "Mujeres y Culturas. Ensayos sobre género y sexualidad", published by Icaria, is directed by Marta Segarra (LEGS-CNRS and ADHUC-Universitat de Barcelona) and Katarzyna Paszkiewicz (ADHUC-Universitat de les Illes Balears).