Acoustical physics

Brahma™ A-format tetrahedral microphone (France)

Overseen by acoustical engineer and senior staff of the Artsoundscapes project, Prof. Angelo Farina, the PI, Prof. Díaz-Andreu, Senior Scientist Tommaso Mattioli and other members of the team will systematically map the acoustic properties of the aforementioned areas by means of Impulse Response (IR) measurements. For IRs to be pursued, novel portable equipment for acoustic measurements is needed. Holocene rock art is mostly located in open-air environments, where it is extremely impractical, if not impossible, to transport large pieces of equipment. In contrast, most devices so far developed for IR acoustic measurements are suitable for enclosed environments where size, portability and power supply are not an issue (e.g. concert halls, auditoria, and urbanscapes). Our project will overcome this problem by designing a compact, small-sized, battery-powered set of sound source, microphones and digital recorders. Furthermore, our project will provide a comprehensive review of IR procedures used in archaeoacoustics research, thereby developing a single, coherent approach to collect a variety of acoustic data