Research lines

Characterising the acoustic properties of rock art landscapes

The purpose of this research line is to acquire scientifically accurate data for surveying relationships between sonic effects, soundscape perception and the positioning of rock art.

The psychoacoustics of rock art landscapes

Research within this line will investigate on the sensations evoked in people in spaces with the same acoustic properties than the rock art landscapes under analysis as recorded in fieldwork.

Neuropsychology and emotion in rock art landscapes

The neuropsychological tests to be undertaken at the Brainlab (UB) will aim to test whether stimulation of the brain with the same sound recordings used in RL2 can induce patterns of brain activity related to those usually associated with altered or mystical states.

Ethnographic and ethnohistorical sources

Anthropologists working on the cultural understanding of sound have rarely paid attention to the information on the acoustics of soundscapes contained in the ethnohistorical and ethnographic records. The aim of this research line is to search these records particularly in the areas where fieldwork takes place.

The analysis of sacred emotion in rock art soundscapes

This research line will combine the results obtained in the four previous lines and attempt a phenomenological understanding of sacred soundscapes among late hunter-gatherers and early agriculturalists around the world.