Our main activities include archaeoacoustic fieldwork in different parts of the world, psychological and neurological experiments, ethnographic and ethnohistorical research, organization of and participation in seminars and congresses

Team Members

Scientific conferences

The debate and the exchange of ideas are crucial for the advancement of science. Here you can learn more about our participation in sessions, seminars and conferences 

“La investigación reciente en arqueología musical» [Recent research in musical archaeology]

4 May 2021. National Museum of Archaeology, Madrid (Spain).

Speaker: Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos

Lecture Series: News of Archaeological Research in Spain.

“Rock Art Technology: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches“

8-11 September 2021. Kiel (Germany)

Organized by: Neemias Santos da Rosa and Lydia Zotkina.

27th European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting.

Other activities

Reading Workshops

A reading workshop is an open space for debate and learning, where team members present the current state of the art about a particular topic related to one of our research lines.

Outreach activities

Exchanging knowledge with society is a priority of the ERC Artsoundscapes Project. On this page, you will find information about all our outreach activities.


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