Cristina Manzetti – An interdisciplinary approach of the study and valorisation of the Roman theatres of Crete

26 February 2019
Universitat de Barcelona (Spain)

WHO: Cristina Manzetti

In her presentation Cristina Manzetti explained her work on the acoustics of Roman theatres of Crete. Her project had to overcome the challenge of not having good preserved Roman theatres in the island. After the difficult task of identifying the sites she moved on to the study of the visibility and audibility of these sites. The methodology employed for the acoustic analysis was based on the use of the Odeon software. As acoustic parameters she analysed Reverberation Time, Early Decay Time, Clarity, Definition and, finally, Speech Transmission Index. She presented the results of the acoustic analyses carried out in seven Roman theatres and the Virtual Reality models created. The presentation was finished with some thoughts about the benefits of the approach she had employed but also acknowledging its limitations.

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