Clau Nader – Sound immersion – objective or perceptive? Exploring ASMR-inducing media exposure and its benefits in wellbeing

22 February 2023 18.00h (CET)

22 Feb 2023, 18h CET

Sound immersion – objective or perceptive? Exploring ASMR-inducing media exposure and its benefits in wellbeing 

ABSTRACT: In recent years, ASMR has gained popularity through social media platforms. The term ASMR stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and is attributed to a series of physiological and psychological responses to sensory stimuli. Content producers, known as ASMRtists, create videos with triggers such as whispering, tapping, and brushing. Scientists have started exploring potential causes and benefits of this experience in people’s wellbeing after users report finding ASMR-inducing media helpful to cope with stress and decrease mental issues including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. An increase in using binaural microphones for this type of videos has been observed, yet there is scarce evidence that suggests that the use of binaural sound might be related to potentially stronger ASMR experiences, thus more health benefits. This seminar will invite the audience to explore ASMR-inducing stimuli with different levels of immersion and modality. By the end of the talk, we will reveal some preliminary results of psychometric and physiometric measurements of young people exposed to this media and compare them to the attendees’ experience.

WHO: Clau Nader

Clau Nader is an audio engineer specialised in immersive sound design for audio-visual media and sonic art installations. Their work has featured in numerous festivals in Europe, the USA, and Latin America. Clau is currently working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and PhD researcher at the School of Arts and Creative Technologies of the University of York, funded by the National Science and Technology Council in Mexico and the Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation. Their doctoral research uses mixed methods to study physiological and psychological responses to different sound formats found in ASMR-inducing media as well as the feasibility of using this type of media to support mental health and wellbeing in youth. Likewise, Clau collaborates with the Department of Education and the Department of Health Sciences at York in ongoing research projects focused on improving child and adolescent mental health through media interventions.