Laura Fernández Macías

Artsoundscapes team member Laura Fernández

Junior researcher 10/4/2020 – 29/9/2020 and 06-04-2021 – 5/10/2021

Keywords: prehistoric rock art; Levantine rock-art; landscape archaeology; gender archaeology; cultural heritage management.

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Laura Fernández (BA History, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 2011) has developed her professional career as an archaeologist, both in the field of archaeological excavations and in the public management of cultural heritage and rock art sites of Catalonia.

Her work for the Archaeological Service of the Government of Catalonia (Generalitat) centred on the rock art sites of Catalonia, an archaeological resource inscribed on the World Heritage List since 1998.

Her commitments included updating all available information on rock art sites in Catalonia by using new technologies, assessing their conservation status, and locating new sites.

She also collaborated in the project Area Protection of the prehistoric rock art sites of Catalonia, which allows the creation of a legal environment that protects the site and its landscape. 

In the Artsoundscapes project her research will focus on the post-palaeolithic art of the Iberian Peninsula, linking landscape, gender and acoustics.