Raquel Aparicio

Artsoundscapes Team member Raquel Aparicio

Early Stage Researcher

Keywords: cognitive neuroscience; auditory perception; predictive coding; brain activity patterns.

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Raquel Aparicio completed her B.Sc. in Psychology and studied her M.Sc. in Research in Behavior and Cognition at the University of Barcelona. She completed two internships and did her Bachelor’s and Master’s theses in collaboration with the Brainlab, a cognitive neuroscience research group that belongs to the Institute of Neurosciences of the University of Barcelona. During that time, her research interest focused on the altered perceptual sensitivity and the neural suppression reported for stimuli generated by our own actions compared to other types of sounds, and whether these specific auditory stimuli are encoded in memory in a special manner.

Currently, she is a PhD Candidate in the Artoundscapes Project under the supervision of Prof. Carles Escera and Prof. Margarita Díaz-Andreu. In this project, she will explore brain activity patterns related to the psychoacoustics in selected archaeological rock art landscapes.