Raquel Jiménez Pasalodos

Artsoundscapes team member Raquel Jiménez

Research Collaborator

Keywords: music archaeology; ethnoarchaeology; ethnomusicology; experimental archaeology; dissemination.

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Raquel Jiménez-Pasalodos is an Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology at the Department of Musicology of the University of Valladolid. She has been researching on archaeological findings related to music found in the Iberian Peninsula. Her main research areas are music archaeology, music ethnoarchaeology, experimental music archaeology and ethnomusicology.

She is an active member of the major music archaeology study groups, such as the International Study Group for Music Archaeology and the ICTM study group of music archaeology. For the latter she edited the volume Music and Ritual: Bridging material and living cultures (Berlin, 2013).

She participated as researcher in the European Music Archaeology Project (2013-2018; UE Culture Programme. Multiannual cooperations projects) and the Disguise Ritual Music Project (2013-2017. MC Actions – International Research Staff Exchange Scheme. IRSES). She has curated several exhibitions on music archaeology, educational workshops and dissemination talks.

She has also published and edited children educational materials and exhibition catalogues in several languages and collaborates once a month with an ancient music and sound section at the Spanish National broadcast Longitud de Onda in Radio Clásica.

In the Artsoundscapes project her work focuses on the critical revision of ethnohistorical and ethnographic records related to music and sound among hunter-gatherers and early agriculturalists.


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Jiménez Pasalodos, R., & Holmes, P. P. (2018). The Aulos and the Trumpet: Music, Gender and Elites in Iberian Culture (4th to 1st Centuries BCE). In A. Garcia-Ventura, C. Tavolieri & L. Verderame (Eds.), The Study of Musical Performance in Antiquity. Archaeology and Written Sources (pp. 173-206). Newcaslte: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

Fazenda, B., Scarre, C., Till, R., Jiménez Pasalodos, R., Rojo Guerra, M., Tejedor, C., et al. (2017). Cave acoustics in prehistory: Exploring the association of Palaeolithic visual motifs and acoustic response. The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 142, 1332-1349.

Jiménez Pasalodos, R., Till, R., & Howell, M. (Eds.). (2013). Music and Ritual: Bridging Material and Living Cultures. Berlin: Eknho Verlag.