Summer School:  Summer School 2019: The Economics of Growth: Innovation, Rivalry and Institutions

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Opening: Monday July 1st 2019 
Faculty of Economics and Business, UB. John M. Keynes, 1-11.
09.00 A.M.

Vahagn Jerbasian is Academic Coordinator for the Summer School, July 1st, 2019.

The course will look at three types of innovation by entrepreneurs and firms: (1) development of products and market entry; (2) development of higher quality products than existing ones and market entry with “creative destruction;” and (3) “creative accumulation” within firms, which enhances their productivity and product quality. The main focus of the course is on the third type of innovation, which is more in line with theory and evidence from IO.

This Summer School includes a workshop where advanced students can present their works and receive feedback.
Schedule: Monday to Friday
Lectures from 9:00h to 13:30h
Thursday: Workshop from 14:30h to 16:30h

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