Internal certificate 

An internal certificate attests to an ongoing or completed administrative procedure. It is equivalent to the Catalan diligència, informally known as a faig constar.


  • Date. Write the date in the top right-hand corner of the page rather than at the bottom. Omit the place name that typically appears in certificates in Catalan.

    Exemple correcte 10 June 2021

  • Generic salutation. The final recipient of an internal certificate is not generally known, so the text begins with the generic salutation To whom it may concern, which should be left-justified and followed by a comma.

    Exemple correcte To whom it may concern,

  • Body. In the body, state the information that is being attested to. This section is justified.

  • Signature. Include the signature of the person issuing the document and left-justify it.

  • Signatory’s position. Put the person’s name below the signature, followed by their position on the next line. Left-justify the text and do not use full stops.

    Exemple correcte Department Director



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