Grup d'Innovació Docent Consolidat (GIDC)

GINDO-UB (161)

Lead Researchers

Dr. Isidora Sáez Rosenkranz
Dr. Elvira Barriga Ubed

The DHIGECS group aims to promote active learning methodologies, diverse assessment strategies that contribute to a change in the educational culture in the field of social science teaching.

Our long experience in teacher training has led us to define very specific lines of action that derive from the general framework in which the group has been consolidated.

Specifically, the proposals for teaching innovation actions planned for the next two years are as follows:

  • To deepen the strategy of learning by discovery, fostering the autonomous learning of students in training through the relationship with the immediate environment.
  • Creation of short teaching interventions in the various stages of teacher training (infant, primary and secondary) through the coordination of the teaching team of the group in an interdisciplinary way that has detected specific needs.
  • Implementation of the evaluation system as a mechanism for conscious, permanent and autonomous learning based on diverse instruments and continuity, such as the portfolio, the assessment scale, self-assessment and co-assessment.


You can consult the group’s projects through the following link: