Call for Papers. Artificial intelligence from the perspective of educability. Digital Education Review

The Digital Education Review has opened the deadline for its next monograph aimed at artificial intelligence from the perspective of education. This monograph aims to describe, analyze and reflect how the phenomenon of artificial intelligence is having an impact on education.

Therefore, we call on researchers and experts to send contributions that adress some of the following issues and questions:

  • What pedagogical reflections arise regarding the rise of artificial intelligence in society?
  • What educational practices are being exercised today with respect to the knowledge and use of artificial intelligence?
  • What impact is AI having on students and teachers in terms of competences?
  • How is educational research being enriched by artificial intelligence?


March 1st, 2024: deadline to submit abstracts (up to 250 words).

April 15th, 2024: deadline to submit full papers.

June 30th, 2024: expected data of publication

Abstracts should be sent to:

For more information, check their website.