The Catalan Journal of Pedagogy encourages you to make contributions that promote debate and educational reflection from and about the different aspects of pedagogical knowledge. Contributions that significantly enrich the corpus of theoretical and scientific knowledge will be particularly welcome, especially rigorous and quality research.

In addition, contributions with international collaboration will be particularly welcome. International collaborations are those whose authorship is made up of authors from institutions in different countries. This type of collaboration provides complementary perspectives on the same topic of study or analysis and educational practices, providing elements to enrich debate and pedagogical reflection, fundamental objectives and critical components of the Revista Catalana de Pedagogia.

Contributions may be published in Catalan or English, at any time, on these or other relevant topics for pedagogy:
– Intersectionalities
– Gender
– Educational inclusion
– Pedagogical innovation
– Education for citizenship
– Education theory
– University education
– Technologies, education, and society
– Education of emotions

You can check the detailed instructions for authors at: