Conference “generative artificial intelligence – opportunities, risks and policy challenges” by the EPTA in the Catalan Parliament on 9 October

On Monday, 9th October, the Catalan Parliament will host the annual conference of the European Parliamentary Technology Assessment (EPTA), the European network who advises parliaments in science and technology.

The conference will bring together experts and members to analyse and discuss the opportunities, risks and challenges that generative artificial intelligence poses to policy makers, civil society and regulators.

This is structured into three sessions that will be followed:

  1. AI and democracy: how this technology can become a tool or a danger to democratic governance.
  2. AI applied to health and education: the challenges and opportunities that AI can bring in these two areas.
  3. AI generative and labor: how the nature of labor and labor dynamics can change.

The following link contains more information and also the link to register.