The UB’s laboratories and workshops generate a wide variety of hazardous waste. In order to manage them correctly, we have a procedure that details what needs to be done from the moment they are generated until they are removed from the stores in each center.

In this section you will find all the documentation of the management procedure, tools to facilitate the classification and identification of waste, and information about our projects and actions to reduce the amount of waste and its hazardousness.

What do we do at OSSMA?

In addition, we have added new resources to the website to facilitate the management of special waste. In this note we summarise them so that you have them closer to you.

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Laboratory Hazardous Waste

Laboratory residues encircler

Special waste labels



Chemical laboratory

Video of the procedure for managing special laboratory waste

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Waste disposal

Liquid chemical waste discharge limit values

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Special waste containers

Application form for the collection and replenishment of containers

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Reactive waste

Obsolete Pursuit Reagents Collection Form

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