From the Health and Safety area of the OSSMA we work to ensure that the entire university community carries out its activities in a safe and healthy environment.

As established by the UB Prevention Plan, we propose improvements and interventions in safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics, psychosociology and occupational medicine, and we advise and assist the different members of the university community with the aim of promoting and supporting the integration of health and risk prevention in all its areas and in all the activities carried out there.

Our commitment is a clear desire to serve. The aim is to make the University of Barcelona a safe, healthy organisation committed to improving and promoting people’s quality of life and wellbeing.


Collaboration grant staff


External companies and visitors

Legislation and regulations



Medical examination

Medical examination

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Worker with PPE

Application for personal protection equipment

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Pregnant workers

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Information

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Particularly Sensitive Personal Information

Particularly Sensitive Personnel Protocol
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Psychosocial risks

Psychosocial Risks Protocol

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