Material for awareness and signaling COVID19

Downloadable posters for printing

Capacity limited to one person
Maximum capacity

Orientation table of placement

Building accessCommon Areas / DistributorsInformation PointSigning areaelevatorstoiletsAccess departments and officesLaboratoriesDressing rooms
posterSafety distanceYesYesYesYes
Limited capacity (1 pers.)YesYes
Limited capacity (2 people)YesYes
Recommended mask Yes Yes Yes
Mandatory mask Yes Yes Yes YesYes
Share devicesyes yesyes yes
Lift + maskYes
Set of rules Yes Yes YesYesYes
Wait behind the lineYes Yes Yes Yes Yes
stairs down Yes
stairs up Yes
Two-way stairs Yes
Hand washing soap Yes YesYesYes
Hand wash solution Yes
Soap washing instructionsYes
Washing solution instructions Yes
Right direction Yes
Left directionYesYes
Clean workplaceYesyes yes
In itinere Yes Yes