University of Barcelona

Environmental Agrobiology

Career opportunities

Graduates in Environmental Agrobiology could go on to prepare a doctoral thesis and start a teaching or research career in universities; work as specialized researchers in multidisciplinary research teams in public and private entities, companies or farms associated with the agricultural, agrifood, forestry, environmental and industrial sectors; or work as specialists, advisors and consultants in these sectors. In this framework, the career opportunities are:

  • Direction, management and control of research, development and innovation in agrobiological companies, cooperatives and agrifood industry.
  • Direction and management of agricultural companies, horticultural centres, nurseries, and garden centres.
  • Professional activity in the agriculture and livestock sector and in crop farming and improvement.
  • Professional activity in industries related to agriculture and the agrifood industry.
  • Consultancy and advice on agricultural, forestry and environmental research.
  • Consultancy on integrated management of plagues. (The ECTS credits awarded as part of this master's degree for subjects related to plant protection can be used towards accreditation as an integrated pest management [IPM] advisor, DOGC no. 6408, of 2-7-2013.)
  • Evaluation of research, development and innovation projects.
  • Edition and advice on informative scientific texts.
  • Professional activity in government bodies (agriculture and the environment).