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Updates of the Master's degree in Environmental Agrobiology

Date published: 26/03/2021

The Final Project of the master's degree (TFM) is a research work that involves an integrating exercise of the training recieved throughout the degree. This exercise involves students applying the knowledge and labour skills acquired during the master's degree.

The period to deliver the written work for the 2020-21 course is, as tops, until 5 July 2021 at 14:00.

The TFM defense with the tribunals' committee is between 12-16 July 2021.

Students who want to have an extension until september must request for it to the master's coordinator before 28 June 2021.

For detailed information about the TFM, refer to the following link

Date published: 15/01/2021

The master's degree of Environmental Agrobiology is ready for the new academic course 2021-22 and the pre-enrolment period is already open.

This year the master only has one pre-enrolment period until 16 June 2021 and you must be pre-enroled to finally enrol the master's degree. Likewise, the pre-enrolment is not valid unless all the documentation listed at the pre-enrolment page is given. 

If you need more information to pre-enrol the course, do not hesitate to contact the master's coordinator by email to

Selection of the grant Master-AgroFresh

Date published: 15/09/2020

We are pleased to inform you that the student of the Master's Degree in Environmental Agrobiology, Rachida Bouchikh, has been awarded with the master's scholarship in collaboration with the company Agrofresh in order to carry out her TFM on the effect of 1-MCP applied in the field on the ripening and quality of cherries.



GRANTS to complete the Master's Degree in Environmental Agrobiology for the 2020/21 course

Date published: 12/03/2020

Opening of applications for 2 grants to complete the Master's Degree in Environmental Agrobiology for the 2020/21 course. Students interested in performing one of the following two Master's Final Works (TFM) must send an email to the attention of Sergi Munné Bosch ( along with their academic record, a letter of motivation and the pre-registration recepit to the Master of Environmental Agrobiology, before the date indicated below:

  • TFM - "Development of a vertical gardening project for the Faculty of Biology (University of Barcelona)".

This work will be carried out at the University of Barcelona, specifically at the Faculty of Biology. Deadline for submission of applications: June 5, 2020. The selected student must be pre-registered to the Master at the time of submission of his/her application and may be eligible for a financial grant to complete the Master's Degree linked to a collaboration scholarship with the University of Barcelona. The grant consists of 370 euros monthly remuneration during the academic year linked to the award of a collaboration scholarship of the UB.

  • TFM - "Effect of 1-CCM applied in field on the maturation and quality of cherries".

This work will be carried out in collaboration between the University of Barcelona and the company Agrofresh in Lleida. Deadline for submission of applications: September 5, 2020. The selected student must be pre-registered and enrolled at the time of submission of his/her application and may be eligible for a financial grant to complete the Master's Degree linked to a grant given by the company. The grant consists of the refund of the amount equivalent to the Master's degree registration.

For more information contact by email:

Updates for the 2020/2021 course

Date published: 09/03/2020

The Environmental Agrobiology master's degree has new updates for the 2020/2021 course, encompassed in the 3 following statements:

  1. Contents/expertise: increased focus in sustainable production of cultivars, either agricultural, horticultural or forest crops, with a greater emphasis on particular cultivars and case studies. At present, it is essential that agriculture and biotechnology prioritize sustainability and enviroment, therefore, new professionals working in this sector not only have to meet current demands of production with quality products, but these also have to be sustainably obtained. 

  2. Know-hows: the Environmental Agobiology master's degree intends to professionalize students, by giving skills to work in the field of plant production for their addition in companies of the agricultural, biotechnological and environmental sectors, but also giving them a broader vision for their addition in chemical and food, or engineering companies. These know-hows include, among others, skills to search and extract information quickly and effectively to prepare for a work meeting, compile scientific or technical reports for companies, refute claims with consolidated scientific arguments other propositions in a work meeting, or design experiments and develop initial ideas to start new projects. 
  3. Final Master's Projects (TFM): the TFMs are much more oriented towards companies, with a greater professionalizing orientation to qualify students to use the skills that are useful to work in the sector and be able to implement the acquired skills. The new coordinator is personally giving a better individualized orientation for each student and clearly stablishes which are the training framework for the TFM. For those students requesting it, the possibility that they can perform the TFM during the second semester abroad, will be offered. Contacts with companies or research centres (as preferred) will be facilitated so that students can perform their TFM entirely in a country of the European Union.

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