University of Barcelona

Information for the student – Genetics and Genomics

Organization and teaching methodology


The MGG will start at the end of September and has planned most of the courses until the end of January. The vast majority of the courses in this period will be on the afternoon, with few exceptions.

All students are required to complete an original research project for their Master Thesis (Trabajo Final de Master-TFM). We encourage you to contact research laboratories for the Master Thesis. A list of labs is available in the Master Thesis-TFM web site of the MGG. In order to plan your research and your timetable, you could contact the labs as soon as you have completed the MGG registration or the master starts. Many students begin the research project during the free mornings.

The Thesis must be submitted to the MGG coordinator at the end of July. Students that have done their research project abroad are allowed to submit the TFM thesis by the end of August.

A timetable for the lectures, seminars, lab classes and dead lines will be available on June.


The MGG courses 

There are 3 mandatory courses, and you will choose one of the 2 specialties. Each specialty consists of 4 different courses. Elective courses will enable you to further increase your knowledge within your field of interest.

Many courses consist of lectures, seminars, practical’s or visits to research equipment’s in facilities or laboratories. Courses are compacted in one or few weeks.


The MGG language

All courses are taught in English.


Genetic Research Seminars (2.5 ECTS) week: a join event with the Université de Paris

During the course of the Master’s program, you may be interested in attending the Genetic Research Seminars week. During this week, students of the Master in Genetics form the Université de Paris will join us. Teaching staff from Paris and from the University of Barcelona will present several advances on their research on genetics. You can also select that week as elective for 2,5 ECTS or attend freely.



  • Theoretical courses: seminars, self-study, group discussions, occasionally demonstrations or hands-on experience.
  • Electives (depending on student’s choice): theoretical course, practical learning, discussions, paper based discussions, short project in the lab or computer lab.
  • Seminars: attend the MGG seminars, discuss with the speaker, and interact with other students and the staff.
  • Practical courses: courses based on demonstrations or laboratory exercises.
  • Research project: individual research projects chosen by student and guided by daily supervisor (PI, post-doc or advanced PhD student). Select your lab in the Master Thesis/ TFM site.