Use of languages

Catalan is the official and institutional language of the UB and is therefore used in all the University's academic and administrative affairs. For the purposes of teaching, however, both Catalan and Spanish are used, as these languages hold co-official status in Catalonia. According to the specific requirements of each faculty, some subjects may also be taught in English. In addition, the UB seeks to establish a multilingual working environment and to improve its students’ language skills by actively promoting the learning and use of other languages.

Teaching staff and students may exercise their individual rights to use the co-official language they prefer for spoken and written communication. For example, students may write assignments and complete exam papers in either Catalan or Spanish, irrespective of the language used by the teaching staff. Incoming exchange students are also offered the chance to use other language for assessed course activities, provided that an agreement is reached beforehand with the teaching staff.

Each faculty or university school specifies its languages of instruction before the start of the academic year. This enables students to check which language will be used for each of their subjects at the time of enrolment. The stated language cannot be changed and will be used for the duration of the academic year.

To help exchange students deal with the use of Catalan, the UB offers an intensive beginners' course, which starts ten days before classes begin each semester, and the Welcome programme, which includes a variety of activities organized as part of the language exchange service. Information about dates, teaching centres and enrolment can be obtained from the Language Services.

CA Dinamització Lingüística

The UB's Catalan Language Promotion Network (XDL), established within the framework of the UB Language Promotion Plan, comprises 18 language promotion committees (one for each university school), which act as nodes that energize the Network. The Network promotes the use of Catalan and organizes activities such as Catalan courses for students (free-elective credits) and the UB’s administrative, service and teaching staff.

The following language services operate at the Faculty:

  • Language Promotion Committee of the Faculty of Education.
  • Roda Mundet – An initiative of the language promotion committees of the Faculties of Education and Psychology and UB Language Services.