Message from the Dean

Message from the Dean

Studies in Law at the University of Barcelona date back to the very moment at which the institution was founded. In fact, the disciplines of Law and Canons were already being taught at the Estudi General of Barcelona, the forerunner of the UB, in 1450. Today, the Faculty of Law offers not only a bachelor’s degree in Law, but also bachelor’s degrees in Political and Administrative Sciences, Industrial Relations, Criminology, Public Management and Administration, and Security, the last of which is offered jointly with the Institute of Public Security of Catalonia. The Faculty also offers a wide range of postgraduate and doctoral studies.

The Faculty of Law moved from the Historic Building on Plaça Universitat in central Barcelona to its current location on the Pedralbes Campus in 1958. That was the year in which the main building of the Faculty was completed and received the first FAD prize in recognition of its architectural merit, giving expression to rationalism in the city’s architecture after the Spanish civil war. The building and the spirit of a Faculty engaged in the democratization of the country were a breath of fresh air and of modernity in the dark times of the Franco dictatorship. Later, in response to teaching and research needs, the former Ilerdense residential hall would become part of the Faculty, providing more classrooms and offices, and still later, the Tomàs i Valiente lecture hall building would be built. Lastly, in 2015, construction began on a new building to meet all of the Faculty’s needs for space and to accommodate classes in the bachelor’s degree of Industrial Relations, which is currently being taught in another location on the Pedralbes Campus.

Less than fifty years have passed since the Faculty of Law was the only one of its kind in Catalonia. Many generations of jurists have passed through its halls, including leading figures in the professional, political, academic and social life not only of Barcelona, but of the entire country. Our Faculty has also had distinguished professors of academic renown nationally and internationally, who have been influential figures in the social and civic sphere. This gives us a robust tradition of which we can be extremely proud, and we believe in it and want to keep it strong. At the same time, all of these elements push the Faculty to look toward the future, adapting to new times and being sensitive to the new demands of the professional world and the society as a whole.

Tradition and modernity are two values that are very present today in the Faculty of Law. We base our reality on them and we build our academic offering, both our teaching and our research, on their foundations. They are values that help us to face the challenges of the future: to consolidate an offering of bachelor’s degrees and postgraduate studies of recognized quality; to strengthen the Faculty’s training project; to consolidate and increase our international presence, both in teaching (especially through existing dual degree programmes and others currently being planned, and through student exchanges and visiting international students) and in research; to bolster research of excellence and encourage knowledge transfer, and to open the Faculty to the professional world and to the society as a whole in order to channel and meet the demands for training and research as they emerge.

In this spirit and with this willingness to serve, I encourage anyone who may be interested, whether you are current or incoming students, professionals, academics or researchers, whether you are local or from abroad, or you happen to be citizens interested in our areas of training and specialization: come to the Faculty of Law and get to know us. Be assured that we will endeavour to meet your needs.


Xavier Pons Ràfols
Dean of the Faculty of Law