Visiting students


Every year, the University of Barcelona welcomes a large number of students from other universities who wish to complete a period of study at our institution. This page provides information you’ll find helpful if you’re thinking of studying at the Faculty of Law under an international academic exchange programme.

If you decide to complete part of your studies at the UB, we wish you a very positive and enjoyable stay.

On the website of the University of Barcelona’s Mobility and International Programmes Office, you’ll find complete information on how to apply, the procedure for submitting your application details, steps you need to take, and documents that must be submitted to undertake a mobility period at the UB. If you’ve already made up your mind, visit the page for study periods:

The Faculty of Law offers students the opportunity to participate in exchange programmes while enrolled in various programmes and courses.

Students may gain access to official studies linked to the Faculty of Law within the framework of the Erasmus+ programme, under the terms of specific or general cooperation agreements, or by submitting an individual application:

Important points to consider when preparing to undertake a study period in Barcelona:

  • Accommodation: the University of Barcelona does not directly manage accommodation for incoming students; however, it does collaborate with a network of organizations, including halls of residence and the Barcelona University Centre. These organizations offer a variety of accommodation options, some of which are aimed specifically at international students visiting Barcelona to participate in research stays or study periods at our institution.


The University of Barcelona offers a series of services to make your stay with us as enjoyable and satisfying as possible. With your temporary student card, you can take advantage of many general services on the same terms as other UB students, as well as specific services for international students.

Faculty spaces and facilities (computer room, library, book shop, dining hall, copy and print service, etc.)

You must visit the Faculty's International Relations Office to formalize your arrival at the UB.

To get your temporary UB student card and enrol in the subjects you’ve chosen, you’ll have to submit the following documents:

  • A document confirming that you’ve been accepted to complete a study period at the Faculty of Law.
  • Proof of medical insurance that provides coverage for the full duration of your stay at the UB (health card).
  • A passport-sized photograph.