Visiting students

Every academic year, the University of Barcelona receives a large number of students from other universities in Spain and abroad who wish to spend a period at the UB to take part of their studies:


These students could stay for a temporary period of one or at most two semesters in the same academic year, through a national exchange programme (SICUE or DRAC), an international exchange programme (Socrates-Erasmus, bilateral agreements or others) or an individual application.

If you want to spend a temporary period in the Faculty of Physics through an international exchange programme, you can take subjects in the various degrees taught at the Faculty of Physics.

Most of our bachelor's degrees are four-year courses (240 credits) and most master's degrees are one-year courses (60 credits). If you have already completed 240 credits when you arrive in Barcelona, you could enrol for subjects that are taught in our master's degrees.

To take master's degree subjects, you need the approval of the corresponding master's degree coordinator, who will verify that you have the knowledge and meet the requirements to take the subjects satisfactorily. The Faculty's International Relations Office is in charge of carrying out these checks on your behalf.

If you are on an Erasmus exchange, your referring faculty is where you will enrol for over half of the credits that you will take during the exchange period. From here, you can enrol for additional, complementary subjects that are taught in other faculties of the University of Barcelona, once authorized by those responsible in each case. The Faculty's International Relations Office will indicate the steps you need to take in this case.

Useful information for visiting students

The UB and its surroundings
How to get here, finding your way around, finding accommodation.

Language resources
Welcome programme for non-Catalan speakers.

Head of international relations
Your contact at the Faculty.

Services for student with special requirements
The "Fem Via" programme of the UB is designed to achieve full integration of students who have a physical or sensory disability.

Services for temporary students
Visit the UB students portal: Món UB.

Useful links
Ploteus, Eures, Your Europe, medical insurance...


International Relations Office (ORI)

Personal attention on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, from 1:00pm to  3:00pm, at the Technical Office (at the lobby of the Martí i Franquès entrance).


  • Contact: Alejandra Albertí


  • Telephone number: 93 403 90 99